Master of Medical Informatics: Internal Review Meeting

2.8.2019 |

20190802 Internal Review Meeting MMI Medical Informatics: From Current State to Future Development


02.08.2019 | THD-Pressestelle - On Monday 29th of July, the European Campus Rottal-Inn (ECRI) staff met to discuss and review the study program Master of Medical Informatics in its Internal Review Meeting. The purpose of the meeting was not only to review the program, but also to discuss the further development of the Master Medical Informatics.

Therefore, the first point on the agenda, introduced by Prof. Georgi Chaltikyan, was the general overview on the current state of the study program and recent changes. This included the development of the curriculum, the complementary activities, the digital health skills lab, but also such thinks as student’s impressions, graduates and employability, and future directions.

In the next step, the teaching staff discussed the possible and desired amendments to the curriculum, the program’s content and methodology. After that, the agenda moved on to the current state of enrollment for the Master of Medical Informatics, presented by Bernadette Obermeier. Based on this, the discussion led by Prof. Sascha Kreiskott turned towards the results of the students’ evaluation and the feedback generated by it and the Quality Circle discussions. The last point of the internal review discussion was marketing and dissemination, its current state and the measures to increase the visibility and recognition of the study program, as presented by Miriam Bleck.

The meeting then got an addition when two esteemed guests joined the group. Prof. Michael Nerlich from University of Regensburg, who has served for more than 10 years as the President of the International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth (ISfTeH), and Frank Lievens, the Executive Secretary of ISfTeH. They shared their opinion on the study program and added valuable input to the discussion. The two guests then met with students of digital health (Master of Medical Informatics and Bachelor of Health Informatics), and the meeting culminated in a lively exchange between the students and Prof. Nerlich and Mr. Lievens. ECRI is an institutional member to the ISfTeH since 2018.

The main output of the meeting was the conclusion that the study program (the master degree course was among the first to be launched at the ECRI in 2015) has more than just sustained. Its ongoing success has been proved by the high employment rate of its graduates. The alumni already occupy leading positions in digital health academia and the industry. To keep the program successful the staff of ECRI will continue to develop the curriculum and the study offer to meet the dynamically developing market of digital health.


Bild: Students of Master of Medical Informatics and teaching staff with (standing from left to right) Prof. Georgi Chaltikyan, Prof. Michael Nerlich, Anna Schmauß-Klughammer, Frank Lievens and Prof. Horst Kunhardt