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Six Sigma - Green Belt.

Centre for Academic Further Education

This certificate is only offered in German!

The Course for Sustainable Optimisation Skills

Quality, Optimisation Methods and Operational Excellence

Six Sigma is commonly referred to as a "breakthrough strategy" because, on the one hand, it focuses on customer orientation and, on the other, it is not about achieving countless small improvements: With Six Sigma you can achieve significant optimisations and error reduction with long-term, sustainable results.

Against the background of increasing globalisation and the associated steadily growing international competition, more and more companies are introducing Six Sigma as a process optimisation method. Therefore, this university certificate can be a door opener for possible applications.

In this course you will acquire the knowledge as well as the methodological competence to introduce Six Sigma in your company or in your department, to supervise as a project manager or to be an expert employee.

As a certified Six Sigma Green Belt you will take on the role of a project manager of Six Sigma improvement projects. You are responsible for the success of the projects you lead. You must therefore know and be able to apply the Six Sigma DMAIC methodology and its various tools and methods. The contents of our training are focused on the specific tasks of Green Belts in the Six Sigma organisation and are based on the fundamentals you have acquired in our Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification.

Organisational Matters


Structure :

2-day training, based on the Six Sigma Yellow Belt and a practical project

Course language: German

Time concept:

  • 2 day online live stream (virtual participation with the possibility to interact)
    • 1st day: 9am - 5pm (Theory)
    • 2nd day: 9am - 3pm (Theory)
  • Project:
    • 3-4 months / 0.5 days per week, incl. individual support

The project verification takes place through a virtualised and web-based simulation of a real company project, developed and provided by our cooperation partner especially for this purpose.

The project implementation is based on the DMAIC project methodology. You select the various tools and methods and apply them. Our trainers will support you by means of regular Tollgate status meetings, which are held in the form of web meetings and telephone conferences.

The proof of theoretical and practical knowledge (Green Belt requirement level) is provided by this project certificate and a theoretical final test.

Technical requirements:

  • Successful completion of a Six Sigma Yellow Belt courses
  • Equivalent prior knowledge

Course start (online live stream) theory:

  • 9+10 October 2020 online live stream course with the possibility to interact
  • 4+5 December 2020 online live stream course with the possibility to interact


  • Centre for Academic Further Education at Deggendorf Institute of Technology. If the COVID-19 situation does not allow for face-to-face courses, this part will be conducted as a live stream online course. 


  • Regular price: € 3,477 (incl. documents, exam fee, certificate)
  • Special price for students of all universities and apprentices: € 925
  • The participation fee is free of VAT.


  • Proof of theoretical and practical knowledge (Green Belt level) is provided by a project certificate and a final theoretical test. Training documents can be used.

Degree: University certificate Six Sigma Green Belt of Deggendorf Institute of Technology and the COMPLAVIS® Academy after the exam.

Target Audience

  • For all those who want to increase their value on the labour market and further enhance their career opportunities.
  • For those who want to deepen their already acquired Six Sigma knowledge and have ambitions to lead Six Sigma projects in practice in the future.
  • Managers, specialists, employees and skilled workers who want to work actively and in a leading role on improving processes and who are involved in corresponding projects.
  • Students of all colleges and universities as well as trainees with Yellow Belt prior knowledge
  • Participants from all areas: whether production, services, trade...


The contents are adjusted to the specific tasks of Green Belts in the Six Sigma organisation.

In addition, you will acquire sound Six Sigma knowledge, practical application exercises and the necessary change management knowledge to independently implement QM projects.

The contents are oriented to the specific tasks of Green Belts in the Six Sigma organisation.

Kex topics:

  • Requirements for the Six Sigma Green Belts
  • QM-related basics of project management
  • In-depth training of applicable tools in the DMAIC phases, supplemented by practical exercises, case studies and field reports (e.g. Project Charter, MSA, analysis of variance, process capability tests, Poka Yoke, control charts)
  • Development of fact sheets or tollgate documents using practical examples
  • Statistical application knowledge with focus on analysis tools (e.g. Anova, confidence intervals, regression analyses)
  • Change and knowledge management (creating acceptance and sustainability
  • Instruction in business simulation and procedure, practical project proof

Our Services - Your Benefits

  • A career leap: a combined university certificate from Deggendorf Institute of Technology and COMPLAVIS®GmbH - a company with many years of practical experience and expertise in this field, which enables you to work internationally as a project manager in quality and process management
  • Highly qualified and experienced trainers with professional experience: certified Green Belts or Black Belts, QM specialists and experts in statistical methods with several years of experience in the implementation and use of Six Sigma in companies as well as in project coaching and training are available to answer your questions and advise you on the implementation of your practical project
  • Practical orientation: You apply the acquired knowledge actively and practice-oriented within the framework of an economic simulation in the form of a real company project as a virtual and web-based simulation
  • Individual support: We guarantee individual support throughout the entire course of the project through Tollgate status meetings in the form of web meetings and telephone conferences
  • Heterogeneous group of participants: For professionals and students - a certification from which participants from all sectors benefit, suitable for both beginners and experts
  • Perfect compatibility with work and studies: is guaranteed by our compact, practical and flexible implementation. Two attendance days are set by us. The remaining time of the project implementation is subject to your own planning within a time frame of 3-4 months.
  • A fair introductory price: of only €3,569 (gross); for students of all colleges, universities as well as trainees an absolute special price of only €949 (gross) This final price includes participant documents, examination fee and the certificate
  • Small groups of participants: enable individual coaching, individual support and mutual exchange of experience
  • High quality: a certification according to ISO 13053-1/2:2011 and recommendations of ASQ & DGQ
  • Small groups of participants: enable individual coaching, individual support and mutual exchange of experience
  • High quality: According to ISO 13053-1/2:2011 and recommendations of ASQ & DGQ


C. Ciesla; DB Regio Bus, Region Bavaria

"I can recommend the Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification of the Center for Academic Further Education of DIT to everyone. On the one hand, the contents are conveyed in an understandable way, on the other hand, the required scope is still offered, which supports me professionally. Especially the corresponding documents help me to structure and measure projects. The strongest advantage of the course, the university certificate. The certificate was a good means for me to stand out from competitors. I was able to use the certificate successfully in the job interview and thus obtained the position with the desired salary."

Carsten Kipper, Project Manager Banking Frankfurt a. M.

"I had a lot of fun and I will gladly recommend the courses to others. Although I had a long journey to attend, I immediately signed up for the university certificate course Lean Management & Kaizen Practitioner with the same lecturer after I had completed the Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification. It's definitely worthwhile to be there, even if the journey is a bit longer.

Gerhard Koller, long-distance student at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Electrical Engineering

"A big thank you for the great, professionally high-quality Six Sigma seminar and the perfect preparation and execution! I sent emails directly to all my remote student colleagues yesterday and made clear to them that all must come to the training at the Centre for Further Education in Deggendorf.“

Robert Kusch, Master student for Logistics at Hof University for Applied Sciences

"The Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification was a complete success due to the practical relevance and the interactive discussion with the instructor and the course participants. With the certification I am looking forward to participate in future Six Sigma projects. We Hofer students were all very enthusiastic about the entire event, including the organisation."

P. Hoffmann, Assistance Management; Freiberg am Neckar

"The certificate course was very interesting for me - as someone who has been in the profession for a few years - and the lecturer was very professional and friendly. He was able to prove the learning content with many practical examples on the subject of Six Sigma. Many thanks also for the great organisation." 

Patricia Janda, Bachelor student for Industrial Engineering at Deggendorf Institute of Technology

"I particularly liked the practical relevance and the high learning effect due to the small group size and the mixture of practitioners and students. The balance of theory and practice as well as the competent lecturer ensured a successful seminar. I am already looking forward to putting my acquired knowledge into practice!"

Participant Interviews


Mr. Michael Forster is currently studying General Management part-time in Bad Honnef. He has successfully completed the university certificate Lean Management & Kaizen Practitioner as well as the Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification at the Centre for Academic Further Education of DIT and is happy to answer our questions.

Why did you decide to book the Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification immediately after the first course?

I was already so enthusiastic about the first course. There are not many training courses where you come to work the next day and immediately know how to apply the tools you have learned.

In your opinion, what makes the certifications of the Center for Academic Further Education of DIT stand out from others?

First of all, these courses are held by motivated lecturers who are real experts in their field.

Secondly, it is a compact and practice-oriented training concept with practice phases, whereby the participants are individually involved.

And what's more important, the courses are suitable for everyone: from students to practitioners with many years of experience. This is mainly due to the technical and didactic competence of the instructor, who will meet each participant at his or her level.

What is the next step for you in regards to the topic of process management?

I will continue to use the tools I have learned with enthusiasm every day and expand my knowledge in this regard. I will be tackling the Six Sigma Green Belt in the foreseeable future and will be happy to return to your Center for Academic Further Education at any time for further training.

The interview was conducted by Jana Herbst on 06/12/2018.


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  • Registration:                           ONLINE or via jana.herbst@th-deg.de

If you have any further questions, please contact Jana Herbst.