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Centre for Academic Further Education


Part-time Studies at DIT

- all Bachelor programmes from the Centre for Academic Further Education offered only in GERMAN -


Are you thinking about studying alongside your job? You have successfully passed a master craftsman's examination or an advanced training examination which is equivalent to this? Alternatively, are you a graduate of a technical college or academy? Then you have access to our undergraduate courses.

You can see an overview of all part-time Bachelor's degree courses in the individual tiles. Our courses can be studied while working. This means that you can continue to pursue your professional activity.

Interested? Then take a look at our calendar of events to see when the next information evening will take place.

Have you already completed a Bachelor's degree? Then take a look at our range of Master's degree courses, which can also be completed while working.

Are you looking for short further education opportunities at an academic level? You will certainly find what you are looking for in our university certificate courses.

Unsure or looking for further information? In our info area we have again bundled the important tips and information for you.