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Health & Wellbeing at DIT.

THD Vital

THD Vital statements

"THD Vital" is the name of the programme where everything revolves around the topic of health at the Deggendorf Institute of Technology. Our current campaign "Eat smarter" runs together with other various vitality offers at DIT. Our university also offers special university sports and other opportunities to practice their own sports for students and staff.
You can also find out more about health in our working environment and events on the topic of health at our university.

DIT operates a systematic health management system: it creates living conditions for its staff, lecturers and students in which they can take responsibility for developing and implementing a lifestyle that prevents illness and promotes health. In doing so, DIT is guided by the idea of the best possible practice of health promotion and prevention at universities.

Health promotion and prevention are fundamental management and leadership principles at DIT. The structures and processes at DIT are proactively designed in such a way that staff, teacher and students are not only protected from illness during their activities at DIT, but their activities act as health-promoting factors for the quality of life.

Fundamental values of our health management


  • ​​​​Participation and empowerment


  • Personal responsibility


  • Social responsibility and networking


  • Consistency and sustainability


  • Continuous improvement

Our guiding idea

"Health" is the most important good for humans. Maintaining it or regaining it in the event of illness requires a certain level of health education and skills in self-observation, self-assessment and self-reflection.

The initivative "Healthy Deggendorf Institute of Technology" implements a comprehensive concept for health promotion an academic setting. This includes both students and employees. The aim of the initiative is to enable "Individual Health Management (IGM)". This includes imparting skills for assessing one's own state of health through information events in which quality-assured knowledge is imparted and through activities such as health days on the topics of nutrition, exercise and stress management. In the sense of health care research, the measures are evaluated and presented in the form of a health report of the Deggendorf Institute of Technology.

To implement the "Healthy Deggendorf Institute of Technology" initiative, we work together with medical service providers in the region and with health insurance companies.


As health care supporters, we promote active lifestyles and offer staff and students the possibility to enjoy many activities!


University sports

Take a look at our sport clubs to see all our fun activities available to all staff and students.


Moving break

Once a week, the "Bewegte Pause" (moving break) offers DIT staff the opportunity to interrupt their daily work routine for 20 minutes and take a short break to catch their breath and relax. The moving breaks - a health-oriented short programme of mobilisation, movement and relaxation - are announced in advance via e-mail. If you are unable to participate in real time, we offer a platform from past moving breaks here. They are aimes at everyone who is looking for an active balance to their daily work routine (e.g. office and desk work, physically demanding activities).


company sport

Our university is not only a place of teaching and research, it is also a working and living space for all university members. For this reason, special importance is attached to occupational health promotion. A not signifant part of this is sport.

In addition to general university sports, in which all enrolled students and employees of our university can participate, company sports are offered within the framework of company health management as a balance to professional activities and as an instrument of health promotion.

This takes place exclusively in free time and has no performance aspect. The focus of company sports is not on top sporting performance, but on sporting and social interaction. For example, employees can join company sports groups such as yoga, swimming, climbing, walking or running groups.

DIT also participates in the German Sports Badge every year.

mental health

Information on psychosocial counselling at DIT can be found here: Psychosocial Counselling

You can get help with general or organisational difficulties during your studies from the Student & Academic Counselling.

General support services and help in emergency situations can be found here:




Mensa & Cafeterias

There are various options for getting foot at DIT:

The mensa offers a regularly changing and varied menu at affordable prices. In the cafeterias in Deggendorf, Cham and Pfarrkirchen you can sip your first coffee, cappuccino, cocoa or tea early in the morning. This is accompanied by a selection of freshly made rolls and other delicious hot and cold snacks.

Good to know: The Studierendenwerk wants to act sustainably and continuously improve its eco-balance, for example by

  • Using organic food from the region and fair trade products from all over the world;
  • Contracting services only from companies that pay according to collective agreements and produce without child labour;
  • Avoiding waste and using reusable systems;
  • Intelligent logistics in purchasing and distribution, which saves distances and CO2;
  • The use of cleaning agents that are free or low in pollutants;
  • The use of building materials that are free or low in pollutants;
  • The use of renewable raw materials, sun and wind for energy production;
  • Investments that are primarily made in sustainable projects.

What is mensaVital?

mensaVital is a protected menu line in the student unions, which was developed jointly by ecotrophologists and chefs under nutritional-physiological aspects. The Studierendenwerk offers a vital meal in the refectory on the campus of the Deggendorf Institute of Technology once or twice a week.

What's special about it:

  • Fresh and natural ingredients
  • Preparation that is gentle on vitamins and low in fat
  • Nutritionally balanced composition of the dishes
  • No deep-fried and breaded dishes
  • No pre-prepared food
  • Fresh herbs
  • Regional products as far as possible

mensa menues:


THD Vital / Health & Wellbeing at DIT: gesunde-hochschule@th-deg.de (Carolin Stadler/ Laura Wiedemann)

University sport: hochschulsport@th-deg.de (Carolin Stadler/ Laura Wiedemann)

Occupational Health and Safety Specialist: Bernd Neumeier, deputy by Jasmin LerachJulia StadlerDennis UlrichAlois Kasberger

Representative for Women's Equality in Science and ArtsProf. Dr. Stephanie HechtMareike Hechinger

Equal opportunities officer: Tanja Staudinger

Representative for Severely Disabled People: Peter Apfelbeck

Representative for the interests of students with disabilities or chronic illnesses:: Dr. Diana Benzinger

Social Counselling: Maria Pohl

Psycho social counsellingIlona Ditze (Deggendorf) and Claudia Nikitsin (Pfarrkirchen)

Student Counselling Service (StuCoS) at ECRIClaudia Nikitsin

Initiator: Prof. Dr. biol. hum. Horst Kunhardt
Company medical service:
BAD – Gesundheitsvorsorge und Sicherheitstechnik GmbH
Hafenstr. 30
94469 Deggendorf
Tel.: 0991 379970 0
E-Mail: bad-321@bad-gmbh.de