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First Contact Job Fair in Deggendorf

Date 2021

  • Date: Tuesday, 13 April 2021
  • Time: 10 am - 3 pm
  • Venue: Deggendorfer Stadthallen

The student association "firstcontact", in cooperation with the Career Service, organises a job exchange every spring in the Deggendorf town halls, where about 180 companies present themselves regularly.

In addition, the Career Service offers seminars on how to apply correctly and how to successfully participate in the job fair, so that you can use the fair to your advantage.

You can find job offers for the fair on DIT's online job platform.

Registration is on the website for firstcontact.



European Campus Job Fair in Pfarrkirchen

Date 2020

  • Date: Wednesday, 4 November 2020
  • Time: 10 am - 2 pm
  • Venue: European Campus, Pfarrkirchen
  • Download Fair guide 2019

Cooperative Studies / CAST 

Hochschule Dual is aimed at prospective students who are determined and performance-oriented and addresses companies that are actively involved in the development of the next generation of employees. The cooperate study programme, the close interlocking of theory and practice during the course of studies, offers great advantages for students and companies.

Both compound studies and studies with in-depth practical experience are basically possible in every course of study and with every company. We are happy to advise interested companies. Please contact us.

Dual Study Possibilities incl. sample contracts


A study course at DIT is combined with an apprenticeship at a company (with a certificate by the Chamber of Crafts (HWK) or the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK)).

This example shows what a combined degree course can look like.

The following contracts are offered by the chambers:

Please always contact the according chamber for contract design.



The study programme at DIT is combined with intensified practice phases spent in a company during semester breaks and the practice semester.

This example shows what a combined degree course can look like.

A model contract for a cooperative degree course with intensified practical phases can be found here: hochschule-dual.de.


The dual Master's programme lasts 1.5 (3 semesters) full-time and is organised as a study programme with in-depth practical experience (practice-integrating). Students spend at least 34 weeks (or at least half of the standard period of study) in the company, mainly during the semester break and during the time during the Master's thesis, which is the highlight and conclusion of the course.

This example shows how a dual Master's programme can be organised.

You can find a sample contract for a dual master's degree programme at hochschule-dual.de.

Depending on the course of study, studies may start in the summer and winter semester.
Fill out the application form now.




International cooperative studies   
Bavaria - Czech Republic

Bavarian or Czech students complete a dual course of study (combined studies or studies with in-depth practical experience) at one of the partner universities and spend the practical phases in companies located in both Bavaria and the Czech Republic.

You can find further information in the CAST flyer.

Partner universities: Deggendorf Institute of Technology, West Bohemian University of Pilsen, Institute of Technology and Economics, Budweis.


CAST is aimed at prospective students who are performance-oriented and determined. In addition, it is aimed at companies that are located in both Bavaria and the Czech Republic and would like to play an active role in the development of the next generation of employees. In a global working world, employees with international study and practical experience have a decisive competitive advantage.

Advantages for pupils and students

    Gain valuable practical experience.
    Earn your own money during your studies.
    Enjoy excellent job and career opportunities after graduation.
    Gather personal contacts for your professional future.
    Get to know the working world in both countries.
    Take advantage of free language courses.

Advantages for companies

    Attract employees or students with international study and research
    Practical experience, who know the working world in both countries.
    Create incentives for students to stay in the region after their studies.
    Promote intercultural experiences and networking.
    Get academically trained specialists and managers with close ties to companies whose practical know-how is tailored to your company.
    Use free language courses for students.

If you have any questions, please contact Claudia Probst.



In principle, composite students are exempt from compulsory vocational school. The decision about attending vocational school is in the hands of the companies. We are available here at any time for queries.

The following vocational schools offer their own specialised class for dual students in cooperation with DIT:

  • Electrical Engineering and Information Technology and Industrial Engineering/Maintenance and Operation courses in the apprenticeship occupations of Electronics Technician for Automation Technology, Electronics Technician for Energy and Building Technology and Electronics Technician for Operating Technology with the Europa Berufsschule Weiden i.d. Obf.
  • Mechanical Engineering course in the training occupation of industrial mechanic


Further Information:

  • Checklist: Becoming a practice partner for the development of dual offers
  • The Deggendorf Institute of Technology is currently still working with the quality standards of hochschule dual, as of June 2020 (note from 19 February 2021)
  • Information on contract design
  • When does the practical semester take place in the respectice degree programmes?
  • CAST - International dual studies
  • Application information for prospective students in the combined study programme or study programme with in-depth practical experience


Database for companies from the brand hochschule dual - get listed free of charge and become visible for students and prospective students