logo-pfarrkirchen ec ikon2017The European Campus, which is part of The Deggendorf Institute of Technology, launched in October 2015.

We cooperate with partners from Austria, The Czech Republic, Poland and Spain, to specialize in modular-based undergraduate and postgraduate degrees which have no tuition fees and are taught in English.


Course construction:

Language skills

Students receive multilingual education to prepare them for global careers although the dominating lecture language is English. International students attend German lessons and a range of additional language courses are on offer.

Modular and flexible study

Degrees have a modular structure, allowing students the freedom to choose from a range of modules according to their academic progress and focus area, thus enabling them to develop their own individual career plan.

Focus on potential career prospects

Recreational industries currently lacking in excellently trained tourism, hotel and events managers. As these industries are currently rapidly expanding, successful graduates will have excellent prospects to develop fantastic careers in all areas of recreational commerce, such as public and private companies, hotels and spa resorts. Potential professional positions will be in tourism/ hotel management, marketing leadership in the tourism or hotel sector, and destination management in travel and tourism companies.



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The application periods are:

  • 15th April - 15th July for October entries
  • 15th November - 15th January for March entries

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