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Science communication is not science journalism. Of course not. It is the mouthpiece of research at the Deggendorf Institute of Technology (DIT). Nevertheless, our science communication is of course based on research findings. It is evidence-based and committed to maximum transparency. Science communication actively informs the public, acting bi-directionally. This means that it picks up needs, ideas and moods from its environment and tries to integrate them into the university in a meaningful way. The goal is open dialogue with business and society in the region - and beyond. In this dialogue, science communication forms a platform for mutual understanding regarding technical, economic, ecological and social challenges - and their possible solutions. Science communication at DIT includes a wide range of formats for different target groups: Children's university, lectures, DigiCamps, media work, social media, podcasts, personal portraits, open house, Dies academicus and much more. Science communication does not only work in fact. It also wants to touch people emotionally and reach them. Conversely, our formats also want to show the people behind the algorithms, behind the apparatuses, behind the machines. Who they are and what drives them. This is the only way to create credibility and trust - and an appropriate level of participation, which society demands in principle and rightly so in matters of research. A survey conducted by Wissenschaft im Dialog GmbH showed that 64 percent of those surveyed would like to experience how a scientist works, and 57 percent would like to discuss with scientists what is worth researching. Science communication serves as a hub between the two worlds. We work on this every day.


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