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Start-up Research & Transfer Support

The biggest challenge for technical inventions and services is their successful transfer to the market. Inventions rarely fail technically - they usually fail because of the wrong market strategy for non-segmented markets. The same goes for the wrong timing, unstructured processes or missing the customer benefit. The more disruptive an invention, the greater this danger, since existing markets and especially their protagonists know very well how to prevent this market entry.

Besides, the biggest competitor for a new technology is always the old one, the non-adaptor. This also and especially applies to the regions outside the conurbations, as the Free State of Bavaria has always successfully done through the state-wide regional concepts in settlement, economic and development policy.

About the BITZ Oberschneiding

The Bavarian Innovation Transformation Centre (BITZ) Oberschneiding with the core of the Silicon Valley Program (SVP) accompanies, in contrast to many other programmes, in a scientifically based, constant and mentored process over a period of at least nine months. During this process, the invention can be fed with a qualified market entry and development strategy (often combined with further product development, so-called technical iteration loops), a relevant and highest-calibre network (ecosystem) of qualified mentors and experts, potential customers, development partners and possible investors.

This creates a process intensifying hub (a powerhouse) that meets the challenge described above. Consequently, this enables the ideal, because planned, market entry and a thoroughly global successful penetration. This is a learnable competence and teachable science that the founding teams execute and implement from day one. The didactic concept is that of "reversed classroom action learning".


Director, Founder and Scientific Director

Prof. Dipl. Theol. Univ. Peter Johann Schmieder

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Operational Management

Oliver Bastian

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Coordination & Operations

Monika Lermer-Vogl

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Fields of Activities

The key offer of the BITZ Oberschneiding is the Silicon Valley Program (SVP), a trend-setting cooperation between the Deggendorf Institute of Technology and Santa Clara University (SCU) in the heart of the Silicon Valley that has been in place since 2014. SCU is one of the most renowned universities in the USA, with a national top twenty ranking for its Executive MBA programme.

SCU's Silicon Valley Executive Centre in particular is one of the top addresses for start-up research and transfer support. In this context, it is mentioned in the same breath as Stanford University and the University of California at Berkeley. The Silicon Valley Program thus combines the best of both worlds, Bavaria's outstanding technical invention competence with the trend-setting transfer competence of Silicon Valley.

The SVP is now described as "far advanced from any other program in the world" (from the final study of Santa Clara University). The instructors, mentors and supervisors of the programme, recruited from "both worlds", are among the best that transfer research and implementation has to offer in terms of reputation, expertise and experience. At the same time, they stand out above all for their in-depth proximity to the respective markets, inventions, people and, above all, the respective teams (over a period of at least nine months and beyond). This is confirmed by the unanimous feedback from the 30 or so teams (around 100 participants) that have gone through this programme so far.

Exemplary: Almost all teams from the past two rounds are now continuing to work together with German and American experts and investors on direct execution and successful implementation. The teams are supervised and guided by professors, instructors and lecturers from both universities, as well as a selection of international mentors. Due to the structuring of the programme with bookend presentation events at the beginning in Oberschneiding (district of Straubing-Bogen) and finally in Silicon Valley, paired with digital interim target checks in the form of webinars (digital / blended learning), participation is possible for teams from all over Bavaria (and beyond).


Image: 10 Years SVP - ALexander Dorn, Pat Guerra, Prof. Al Bruno, Prof. Peter Schmieder (from left to right)


Success Stories



Teams (150 individual participants) were part of the programme so far


Of which are in business - with an improved and refined business model


Teams remain in close contact with network partners & investors


Euros have already been invested in a team



Knowledge transfer takes place not only on a theoretical level, but above all on a practical level between the teams, as well as, for example, at first hand during exclusive company visits and presentations at Google, eBay, LinkedIn, Tesla, Jabil Blue Sky or Adobe, but also branches of Bavarian companies such as Zollner AG in Milpitas.

The SVP teaches the American understanding of innovation and start-ups, which differs fundamentally from the German and European understanding. It is based on the fundamental attitude of customer orientation. The customer advances from a simple target group to a stakeholder whose feedback is essential for further product development. In this way, innovations or teams are raised to an "investable" level. This means successfully establishing products on the market and the disruptive creation of new markets in future industries.

5th place worldwide in the category "Entrepreneurial Spirit" according to WURI ranking 2021 (World's Universities with real Impact)


Since 2009

  • Santa Clara University

Since 2014

  • Silicon Valley Program – Venture Development
  • around 500 participants – 50 Venture Teams  - Stanford University Platform


Mentors of the Silicon Valley School


Ronald Weissman, PhD

Marketing at NeXT (direct report to Steve Jobs)
Partner at Apax (Venture Capital Investment) 
Chairman Software Special Interest Group Band of Angels

Leavey School of Business – Silicon Valley Executive Center  

Patrick Guerra

Founder and Principal, Lions Peak LLC. Co-Founder Accelerators (Global Social Benefit Incubator, SCU; Encore Venture Accelerator)

German Accelerator Selection  Committee and Mentor
Band of Angels: ‘Art of Deal’ Program


Prof. Albert Bruno

William T. Cleary Professor at SC
Founding Director of Center of Innovation & Entrepreneurship



Prof. Dipl.Theol.Univ. Peter Johann Schmieder

Human Skills and Leadership, Technische Hochschule Deggendorf
Founder Silicon Valley Program



Dr. Tobias Strobl

Strategy Designer at Business Models Inc.
Mentor German Accelerator Silicon Valley



Geoff Baum

VP of Marketing at Acceldata
CMO/VP Marketing Standord University
Mentor German Accelerator Silicon Valley



Ferdinand Seemann

Chief Executive Officer at se2quel Partners LLC




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The municipality of Oberschneiding organised two events during which the Scientific Director Professor Peter Johann Schmieder was given the opportunity to present the recently established Bavarian Innovation and Transformation Centre "BITZ" to numerous interested participants.
The so-called "Silicon Valley Program" (SVP) which is accompanied and mentored by the Californian Santa Clara Elite University - provides assistance and training to highly qualified start-up teams, with the aim of bringing an idea or a product successfully to market. The partnership between the two institutions was founded ten years ago and has seen more than 500 participants.
"Campus" Oberschneiding will be the platform for workshops, in which the teams work out a concept for transformation of their business idea or innovation, to pave the way for their ideal "go-to-market" strategy. These workshops will be followed by company visits. In April 2022, the current teams wil take the challenge to sucessfully perform an "on-site-pitch" at Santa Clara University in California.
The aim of the programme is to create value and jobs within the own region. The best example is the company S.A.I. Schweiger which has established a company location in Oberschneiding with six employees starting from an invention in the field of robotics technology.


In Oberschneiding in Lower Bavaria, German inventive talent will meet American market management in the future. The Deggendorf Institute of Technology (DIT) has found a location there for its world-leading Silicon Valley Program and will establish the Bavarian Innovation and Transformation Centre (BITZ) on the grounds of the Alte Spenglerei. Bavarian Minister of Science Bernd Sibler and Member of the State Parliament Josef Zellmeier announced on Wednesday, 12 May that funding from the Free State of Bavaria amounting to three million euros will flow into the centre over six years.

Science Minister Bernd Sibler emphasised: "Rooted in the homeland and internationally networked: The BITZ fits perfectly into the modern university landscape and integrates perfectly into the structure of DIT. With the core of the Silicon Valley Program, we are creating a new Bavarian start-up and scaling culture. Here in Oberschneiding there will be a high-calibre course offering with exclusive company visits in the USA, but also at branches of Bavarian companies. I would like to further strengthen the forward-looking field of 'entrepreneurship' in the Bavarian university landscape. Especially in the up-and-coming regions of Lower Bavaria, such offers fall on fertile ground."

Professor Peter Schmieder, scientific director of the BITZ, illustrated how closely connected Lower Bavaria will be with Silicon Valley in the future with a live link to Santa Clara University in California during the press conference. Santa Clara University has been a permanent partner of the Silicon Valley Program for years. BITZ Oberschneiding is thus not only the first institution of DIT in the district of Straubing-Bogen, but also of the American university. Anyone who has an invention or business idea in mind can learn here from and according to the American model how to make it successful for the market. The next round will start in June 2021.


Deggendorf Institute of Technology
Bavarian Innovation Transformation Centre (BITZ Oberschneiding)

Straubinger Str. 19
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Future BITZ location

In Oberschneiding in Lower Bavaria, German inventive talent will meet American market management in the future. The Deggendorf Institute of Technology (DIT) has found a location there for its world-leading Silicon Valley Program and will establish the Bavarian Innovation and Transformation Centre (BITZ) on the site of the Alte Spenglerei. Bavarian Minister of Science Bernd Sibler and Member of the State Parliament Josef Zellmeier announced on Wednesday, 12 May that subsidies from the Free State of Bavaria amounting to three million euros will flow into the centre over six years.

The new building is to be completed in two years.


Image (DIT): Came to the first press conference of the new facility of the Deggendorf Institute of Technology in Oberschneiding: from left: Prof. Dr. Peter Sperber, President of the DIT, Oberschneiding's Mayor Ewald Seifert, Bavarian Minister of Science Bernd Sibler, Head of the Silicon Valley Program Peter Schmieder, MdL Josef Zellmeier, District Administrator Josef Laumer and Silicon Valley Program Manager Alexander Dorn.