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Artificial Intelligence, B.Sc.

Faculty of Computer Science

AI Enriches Lives

Eleven computer science core subjects form the backbone of the KI course. But also the acquisition of key competences and soft skills is important for your later professional life. This is addressed with a special module in each of five different semesters. The AI part includes, besides the "Introduction to AI", the two programming modules "Computational Logic" and "AI Programming". For the design of intelligent dialogue systems, we offer the modules "Assistance systems" and "Speech comprehension".

The topics autonomous driving and robotics are represented by the studies with "Image Understanding", "Autonomous Robotics" and "RoboCup". Of course, with the study modules "Machine Learning" and "Deep Learning" you also have Big Data on the radar. "Human Factors and Human-Machine Interaction" finally moves to the human-machine interface and rounds off your AI studies. In the "AI Project" you will also learn to develop a larger task from start to finish - in a team. The "Seminar Aktuelle Themen der KI" is designed to show you how to present your results successfully and convincingly.

In order to do justice to the fast-paced nature of topics in the field of artificial intelligence, four elective subjects (FWP) will be integrated in semesters 6 and 7. You can, for example, choose these from other courses of the new computer science faculty for your further specialisation. Or you can deepen your skills in important fields of application of the AI such as health care, mobility, energy management, production, service or gaming.

Fact Sheet Artificial Intelligence

Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Duration: 7 semesters (3.5 years)

Start: October (winter semester)

Location: Deggendorf

Course language: German (see language requirements)

Admission requirements: General university entrance qualification

Prerequisites: Knowledge in science-based subjects in beneficial

Postgraduate opportunities:

Fees: No tuition fees, only €62 student service fee per semester


 We also offer the bachelor degree course in English: B.Sc. Artificial Intelligence

Career Prospects

All manufacturing and service industries require support by artificial intelligence in the future, in order to remain competitive in their respective markets. This development, as well as the investment of more than €4 billion by the German government in our national AI strategy prove the promising future on the job market for our graduates. AI allows better economic management even with limited resources and thus also strengthens the balance between economic and ecological sustainability.

With the AI course, you acquire data competence, analytical competence and technological competence. You can develop, master and adapt AI systems. You will be able to intelligently solve problems in specialist departments using IT solutions with AI component. The target companies for graduates of the AI programme are basically from all industries, but especially from the software industry. But also for self-employment or the work in applied research and development in the mentioned fields the field is prepared for you with this study.

Subject Overview

Overview of lectures and courses, SWS (Semesterwochenstunden = weekly hours/semester) and ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) in the Bachelor's degree Artificial Intelligence.


1. Semester SWS ECTS
Mathematics I 4 5
Programming I 4  5
Basics of Informatics 4 5
Operating Systems and Networks 4 5
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 4  5
Key Qualifications I (Media Skills and Self Organisiation, Business Administration) 4  5
2. Semester SWS ECTS
Mathematics II  4 5
Programming II  4  5
Algorithms and Data Structures 4  5
Internet Technologies 4 5
Computational Logic 4 5
Key Qualifications II (Technical Language) 4 5
3. Semester SWS ECTS
Data Bases  4 5
Stochastics 4 5
Project Management 4  5
Assistance Systems  4  5
AI-Programming  4 5
Key Qualifications III (Technology Ethics and Sustainability, Academic Work)  4  5
4. Semester SWS ECTS
Language Processing  4  5
Human Factors and Human-Machine Interaction 4  5
Machine Learning  4 5
Image Comprehension 4 5
Software Engineering 4  5
Key Qualifications IV (Compliance, Data Protection and IT Law)  4 5
5. Semester SWS ECTS
Practice Module (Industrial Placement, Practice Seminar, Practice Accompanying Course)    
6. Semester SWS ECTS
Seminar Current Developments in AI 4 5
Autonomous Robotics 4 5
AI-Project 4  5
Deep Learning/Big Data  4 5
Compulsory Elective Module I  4 5
Key Qualifications V (Team Development and Intercultural Communication, Business Formation) 4 5
7. Semester SWS ECTS
Compulsory Elective Module II 4 5
Compulsory Elective Module III: AI Applications 4 5
Compulsory Elective Module IV: AI in Industry or AI in Service Economy 4 5
Bachelor Module (Bachelor Thesis, Bachelor Seminar) 2 15


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