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Daycare Centre at DIT

Little Ducks Campus Kids

Our facility consists of a kindergarten group with 25 children and a nursery group with 12 children. We look after children from the age of 1 to 6.

The responsible body for our facility is the AWO Bezirksverband Ndb/Opf, based in Regensburg.

You can find further information in our Concept and our Flyer.


The basic values of the AWO such as

  • Solidarity: working for others, developing a sense of community
  • Tolerance: learning to recognise differences, to see integration as a matter of course
  • Freedom: to develop individual abilities
  • Equality: all children have the same development and educational opportunities
  • Justice: to identify the needs of children and families and to design flexible services accordingly,

play an important role in the daily work in our daycare centre. Educational specialists in the AWO daycare centres see themselves as the educational assistants of the children entrusted to them and create a supportive environment.


Familiarisation (based on the Berlin Model) is practised in our institution both in the nursery and the kindergarten.

Entering the nursery or kindergarten is the beggining of a separate phase of life with great significance for the development of the child. With the beginning of this stage of life, a child is faced with many new challenges in a new, unfamiliar environment. He or she has to gain confidence in a new reference person, develop relationships with other children and adapt to a new daily rhythm. 

In order to make it easier for the child to get used to everyday life in the daycare centre, we have developed a concept for gentle familiarisation based on the Berlin model in the reference educator system, i.e. during the familiarisation process, the child has an educator who works intensively with the child, thus creating a secure bond on which the trust in the reference educator is built.

The settling-in period is individually different. As a rule, the settling-in period takes four to six weeks.


Our pedagogical work is based on the most important educational and upbringing goals, the basik skills.

We attach particular importance to the promotion of four basic skills

  • Personal competence
  • Social competence
  • Resilience (resistance)
  • Competence in learning methods

The primary concern of our educational work is that the children feel comfortable with us. Only then can the children enjoy the many new experiences they gain in the daycare centre.

First and foremost, we start from the child's strengths and work in a resource-oriented manner. For us, this means that each child brings its own treasure trove of skills, characteristics and knowledge. We accompany, strengthen and support the child in its development. 


In our daycare centre we accompany and promote the individual development of the child to become an independent and community-oriented personality.


  • Participation

"The involvement of children in all events and decision-making processes affecting their lives together."
It is important for us to shape everyday life and coexistence together with the children. Children have the right to express their opinions freely. They also have the right to have this opinion taken into account according to their age and maturity. In this way, our children, according to their age and development, take an active part in shaping the daily routine. 

  • Project Work

In the foreground of the project work is the observation and recognition of the children's interests. These observations, especially in the free play time, give the pedagogical staff the opportunity to take up topics from the children's statements, stories, behaviour and expressions of feeling and to explore and deepen them together with the children.

  • Free play

The self-determined play is very important for the general development of the child. Spontaneous play needs of the child can be satisfied immediately. They choose their playing partners and play materials themselves. They set themselves goals, determine the place, course and duration of their play. The child deals with its environment in self-determined play and can thus develop its strengths and abilities. 


Nursery group

Hours per day 3 - 4 over 4 - 5 over 5 - 6 over 6 - 7 over 7 - 8 over 8 - 9 over 9 - 10
Monthly fee Students € 90 € 109 € 129 € 148 € 168 € 187 € 207
Monthly fee € 114 € 140 € 166 € 192 € 218 € 244 € 270


Kindergarten group

Hours per day over 3 - 4 over 4 - 5 over 5 - 6 over 6 - 7 over 7 - 8 over 8 - 9 over 9 - 10
Monthly fee Students € 63 € 70 € 78 € 85 € 93 € 100 € 108
Monthly fee € 75 € 85 € 95 € 105 € 115 € 125 € 135


  • DIT: The athletic DIT-day Little Ducks with the Faculty of Training Sciences
  • DIT: DIT-day Little Ducks - Little scientists with MINTmania
  • Diaconia at Bogenboch
  • School Angermühle


Management: Lisa-Maria Erhard

Lisa Erhard - Educator / Management / Group Leader
Nicole Graßl - Educational Supplement Teacher
Elena Plenk - Professional trainee
Sabine Weber - Re-trainee as educational supplement teacher

Kerstin Vogl - Social Teacher / Group Leader
Lena Scholz - Educational Supplement Teacher
Cindy Straubel - Educational Supplement Teacher


Monday: 7.15am - 5pm
Tuesday: 7.15am - 4pm
Wednesday: 7.15am - 5pm
Thursday: 7.15am - 5pm
Friday: 7.15am - 4pm



Registration days are (also for DIT students) exclusively at the end of February each year.

In the 2020 the registration will take place as follows:

Monday, 17 February, 3 - 5pm
Tuesday, 18 February, 2 - 4pm
Wednesday, 19 February, 3 -5 pm


Information about the registration for the nursery and kindergarten is available on Mondays from 8-9am or via phone.

Management: Lisa-Maria Erhard

Tel.: +49 (0) 991 3615 620

E-Mail: AWO-little-Ducks-Campus-Kids@gmx.de

Edlmairstr. 9
94469 Deggendorf