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6th Day of Research (2019)

On 10 April 2019, the 6th Day of Research took place. Members of DIT presented current research projects in short lectures and on posters.



Prof. Dr. theol. Bernhard Bleyer asked this question in his opening lecture "What does ethics look like in research? In politics, and especially through funding agencies, there is an increasing emphasis on ethical examination of applications. But how can this be implemented? In his lecture, Mr. Bleyer pleaded for at least context-related consideration of ethical aspects, i.e. including the circumstances in which products can be used.

Eleven young researchers presented their research projects this year in entertaining five-minute lectures. The topics ranged from the possibility of improving forecasts in business and industry through data analysis and artificial intelligence, to the digitisation of museums and archives, to the question of whether web conferences are effective for teaching, to developments in printed circuit board research, the support of digital methods to reduce diarrhoea rates in teaching, and how digitisation can enable a longer self-determined life at home. The optimization of the load planning of fleets with electric vehicles and the development of a modular glass melting tank in the glass industry to save energy and resources were the topics of further short lectures.

Best lecture: "How much personnel will I need tomorrow?

Florian Wahl from TC Grafenau convinced the jury with his lecture on the planning of personnel deployment in general cargo logistics using artificial intelligence. Mr. Wahl received the Best Presentation Award for the best presentation. The result was very close. This year all presentations were entertaining, understandable and exciting. The jury this year consisted of Prof. Susanne Krebs (Professor of Design), Prof. Dr. Armin Eichinger (Professor of Usability Engineering) and Dr. Kristin Seffer (ZAF, Graduate Center).


With this question Christian Kluge, also from TC Grafenau, convinced the jury for the 3 Best Poster Awards. The poster for a project on demand forecasting in the beverage trade was in front of the poster "Peregrinus Silva Bohemica - Multimedia and digital tourist tours" by Mariann Juha, TC Freyung, and "DisConMelter - The modular glass melting tank" by Tobias Helling, TAZ Spiegelau. The prize winners each received a voucher for Pustet books. Martina Heim, Head of Communication & Marketing at DIT, Prof. Dr. Roland Zink and Prof. Dr. Martin Schramm judged the best posters this year.

The public favourite among the posters was determined on site and simultaneously online on the web application "PUBinPLAN". Until the award ceremony in the late afternoon, a very narrow majority had voted for the two posters "Der Weg ist das Ziel" (Florian Wahl) and "MediLand" (Pascal Krückl), both from TC Grafenau. All 30 posters on current research projects at DIT can still be viewed on PUBinPLAN and downloaded in pdf format.


In 2018 and 2019, two THD alumnae successfully completed their dissertations. Dr. Sarah Schöllhammer and Dr. Susanne Reimann successfully defended their dissertations, which were written in cooperation with the University of the West of Scotland (UWS) in Paisley. In her work, Sarah Schöllhammer has investigated how innovations arise in non-hierarchical-bureaucratic organizations in comparison to classical innovation management. Susanne Reimann examined the handling of corporate social responsibility in travel companies. Both had completed a bachelor's degree with DIT. Ms. Schöllhammer holds a Master in Innovation Management from Esslingen University and Ms. Reimann a Master in Business Administration from Griffith University, Southport, Queensland, Australia.

Franz Röhrl was honored for the best paper in an international conference transcript. The paper "Bare Die Connections via Aerosol Jet Technology for Millimeter Wave Applications" was the paper presented at by far the most renowned international conference in 2018, where DIT members presented their research: the 48th European Microwave Conference (EuMC)/European Microwave Week (EuMW). This is the most important European conference in the field of microwave technology and has been held annually since 1969. The team of authors around Franz Röhrl, Prof. Dr. Werner Bogner and Prof. Dr. Stefan Zorn, as well as Johannes Jakob presented for the fourth time in a row at this important conference for science and industry in the field of microwave research.


Prof. Dr. Werner Bogner, Franz Röhrl, Prof. Dr. Andreas Grzemba


For the first time, thematic workshops were held as lunch bag meetings in the run-up to the Research Day. In a small group, there was an exchange on the topic of "Digitalized Management Systems: How do you help people in the company to do the right thing correctly?", offered by employees of the Institute for Governance, Management, Risk and Compliance of DIT. At the same time, a second workshop on "Innovation in 90 minutes" took place, offered by Maria Wilhelm (University of Passau) and Jonas Weber (DIT), both employees of the Transfer and Innovation East Bavaria (TRIO) project. The participants were given initial insights into the methods and working methods of design thinking and concrete tools and procedures were tested in a team.








Workshop Innovation in 90 Minuten

Weitere Fotos vom 6. Tag der Forschung, die uns freundlicherweise größtenteils von Herrn Thomas Jenner zur Verfügung gestellt wurden, finden Sie hier.