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During your work in research and academia, you will acquire a variety of valuable skills that are also highly relevant for the doctorate. Use the doctoral period to further develop these skills. Thus, you can develop knowledge and skills that will optimally support you on the path to a doctorate and improve your career prospects.

With the university certificate "Research and Dissertation Skills", you have the opportunity to attend a variety of seminars and courses and receive proof of the acquisition of these skills.

target group

The university certificate is aimed at people who are working in the academic field and in research and who are aiming to write a dissertation or are already doing so. However, the offer is in principle also open to persons without doctoral intentions.

Formal requirements for participation in the university certificate "Research and Dissertation Competence" are:

  • Completed Master's degree or diploma programme and a planned dissertation with a start within one year


  • Proof of a dissertation that has been started by inclusion in a doctoral list


  • Employment at a higher education institution, research institution or university.

For the crediting of ECTS points, enrolment at the Deggendorf Institute of Technology is also required.

fact sheet

study concept

  • High virtual component and self-learning component ensure a high degree of flexibility
  • Freely assignable courses
  • The small number of participants allows for individual counselling and exchange between participants and lecturers.


  • The university certificate is designed for a total of 4 semesters.
  • Due to the rotating course programme, it is possible to complete the certificate within 2 semesters.
  • It is also possible to take more semesters, depending on personal capacities.
  • In order to successfully complete the university certificate, 30 ECTS points must be accumulated.

time concept

  • The courses offered are always announced at the beginning of the semester.
  • The courses can be completed according to interest and time availability.


  • € 62 student union fee for enrolment
  • There are no separate fees for the courses


In the compulsory modules 1 to 4, all courses must be completed for the successful completion of the module. In the compulsory elective modules 5 and 6, a minimum number of ECTS credits must be achieved. In compulsory elective module 5, 3 ECTS must be achieved and in compulsory elective module 6, 2 ECTS must be achieved.

module 1: academic competences

  • Good scientific practice and compliance
  • Ethics and data protection in science
  • Topic identification / concretisation and exposé
  • Literature research and management
  • University teaching, legal aspects and didactics / digital teaching
  • Research data management

module 2: methodological competences

  • Research methods
  • Consolidation of methods
    • Natural science / technical methods
    • Social science methods
  • Fundamentals of Data Analysis and Statistics
  • Advanced Data Analysis and Statistics
    • Natural science / technical methods
    • Social science methods

module 3: publication and presentation skills

  • Deggendorf Scientific Colloquium
  • Publishing in scientific journals
  • English Writing and Presentation Skills

module 4: research project skills

  • Writing and submitting a research proposal
  • Research programmes and funding
  • R&D project planning and management

compulsory module 5: scientific activity

  • Doctoral supervision
  • Scholarships: finding and applying
  • Women in science
  • Participation in external doctoral programmes
  • Conferences and scientific presentations
  • Poster presentation
  • Laboratory work
  • Staff management: supervision of SHK, student projects and team leadership
  • Legal aspects of university teaching

compulsory module 6: career plan

  • Professorship at HAW / Junior professorship
  • Habilitation / PostDoc
  • Start-up and patents
  • With dissertation outside the university

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