The Experience and Behaviour of People in Organisations

The Experience and Behaviour of People in Organisations - New Professor for Business Psychology

18.1.2021 | DIT Press Office

The Deggendorf Institute of Technology (DIT) is getting a renowned professor from the world of business, Professor Dr. Tobias M. Nickel. In his special field of “Organisational Psychology and Diagnostics”, he deals with the diverse applications of psychology in business. From personnel selection, marketing, sales and strategy to communication and change. The focus lies on the experience and behaviour of people in organisations.

Professor Nickel knows what an important role psychology plays in business. After completing his doctorate at the University of Regensburg, he worked in several management consultancy agencies dedicated to psychology, before joining BMW. After participating in the International Trainee Programme there, he was head of various departments, such as technology, sustainability and motorsport communication, global recruiting and marketing communication. Afterwards he was able to apply his expertise from psychology as Head of Marketing and Communication at the DRÄXLMAIER Group.

At DIT, the combination of internationality and down-to-earth mentality particularly appeals to him. This, and his curiosity, have contributed to his decision to take the professional step to DIT. For Professor Nickel the key to success in professional life lies in seeing all the small good decisions that ultimately contribute to success. He is not concerned with external success, but with internal success. That is, the knowledge that one has given everything.
Of course, the theories of Sigmund Freud have influenced Professor Nickel, but besides the famous psychologist, many of his superiors have influenced him on his professional path. From Norbert Reithofer, Hendrik von Kuenheim to Fritz Dräxlmaier, to name but a few. In addition to these personalities, the separation of BMW and Rover, during which Professor Nickel was able to witness and shape the change in organisation and culture at first hand, has had a particular impact on his professional life. Therefore, he knows from his own experience about the positive effects that can be achieved through psychology in business. His goal at DIT is therefore to become active with research projects in business psychology.

He always has an open ear for his students. In his lectures, he relies on a combination of theory and practical experience. He combines the familiar with the new to create the surprising. Outside the lecture hall, Professor Nickel is drawn to nature and his family, when he is not busy doing renovations on his farm or restoring motorbikes.

Bild (DIT): With Professor Dr. Tobias M. Nickel, DIT gains an expert in business and organisational psychology.