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ECRI presents at top international congresses and expos

DIT-ECRI a Recognized Global Leader in Digital Health Education, Research and Development, presents with impact at top international congresses and expos

3.7.2023 | THD-Pressestelle

Spring and Summer is always an especially busy season for Digital Health students, teachers and researchers at Deggendorf Institute of Technology’s European Campus Rottal-Inn (DIT-ECRI) with many important conferences and industry expos taking place April through June. Professor Dr. Georgi Chaltikyan, head of the two signature Digital Health Education and R&D products at DIT-ECRI, the Master of Digital Health (MDH) and the annual education and scientific event series DigiHealthDay (DHD), as well as students and research associates, made an impactful appearance at five consecutive events in the end of May – beginning of June.

In mid-May Professor Chaltikyan delivered a master-class to the prospective students of the Armenian double-degree counterpart of DIT-ECRI’s Master of Digital Health launched last year at the Russian-Armenian University in Yerevan, Armenia. The very next day he was invited to speak on a Digital Transformation panel at the Yerevan Tech Forum 2023, a leading event in Armenia.

The week after that, DIT-ECRI students and staff attended Vitalis in Gothenburg, Sweden, the largest and most impactful Digital Health conference and expo in the Nordic Countries. This conference was co-located with Medical Informatics Europe – the annual scientific conference by the European Federation for Medical Informatics (EFMI) of which DIT-ECRI is one of the most active institutional members. Then followed the Pharma 4.0 conference in Berlin, a no less prominent event and conference on Digital Transformation of Pharma where Prof. Dr. Georgi Chaltikyan was the invited chair.

Finally, on June 7-9, one of the most significant European and international events took place in Lisbon, Portugal – the HIMSS 23 Europe congress and expo, where DIT-ECRI actively participated with a dedicated booth, as well as a large group of staff, researchers and students led by Prof. Chaltikyan. Many of the DIT-ECRI students were invited as the conference volunteers amounting to 8 out of 13 HIMSS volunteers. Volunteering at HIMSS23Europe gave the students a unique opportunity to get familiar with the behind the scenes challenges of organizing the event. They gained valuable skills and exciting experience, while those present at the booth engaged in informative conversations with visitors, showcased the university, and achieved new insights into various aspects of Digital Health. The event also featured Prof. Chaltikyan speaking at the panel titled “Harnessing Digital Health Workforce Development”.

For over three years now DIT-ECRI is a partner of HIMSS, with resultant wider recognition of its Digital Health activities in Europe and globally, and many new excellent opportunities for its students and young researchers, to learn, develop, and network with the global Digital Health community.

More is to come: later this year, the annual symposium DigiHealthDay-2023 will be convened on November 10. It is already known that several more global top-level experts and opinion leaders will be speaking at the symposium, including key Digital Health officers from the WHO Europe Headquarters in Copenhagen.

Bild (ECRI/THD): DIT-ECRI Digital Health Students and researchers at the HIMSS 2023 Europe together with Prof. Dr. Georgi Chaltikyan (middle) in Lisbon, Portugal.