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2nd HPC Symposium in Deggendorf

A Quantum of Practice

20.1.2023 | DIT Public Relations

The Deggendorf Institute of Technology (DIT) started the year with a two-day international conference. Three renowned speakers and nine expert companies from industry accepted the invitation from Dr. Helena Liebelt, Professor at the Faculty of Applied Computer Science, on 11 and 12 January. They shared their experiences with around 70 participants on the future topic of "High Performance Computing (HPC) and Quantum Computing". The highlight of this conference was that the companies had worked on their presentations together with students from the university during the winter semester.

Quantum technology in connection with high-performance computing, as it is called in technical jargon, is a trend-setting innovation driver in industry. Especially in mechanical engineering as well as in the chemical and health industries, these are playing an increasingly important role. The contents of the HPC symposium, which took place in the Deggendorf Stadthotel in presence and parallel online, were wide-ranging. They included the presentation of innovative data centres, CPU technologies, requirements for artificial intelligence in healthcare or complex customer problems, calculating precise weather forecasts or the architecture of a cooling system for data centres.

"All the students," explains Liebelt, "worked closely with the renowned HPC/QC experts and used the direct exchange as an opportunity to network. Not only on a content level, but of course also on a professional level." The latter was a valuable side effect that the young people very much welcomed, as the DIT professor reported.

The crowning glory of the conference was the live feed from Prof. Dr. Anne Matsuura in the United States to announce the two winners of the world's first Intel Quantum Computing Challenge.

The Deggendorf HPC Symposium took place for the second time this year. Since quantum technology is a very broad field and many new developments and innovations can be expected for the participants and students in the future, the series is to be continued. All participants also agreed that this symposium is a successful platform for motivating students, bringing them closer to practice and acquiring them as future employees.

Bild (DIT): DIT professor Dr Helena Liebelt initiated the HPC Symposium in Deggendorf. She has students and companies on her side.