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Soldering for the environment: Realschule at ECRI

Soldering for the environment: Realschule at the European Campus

7.12.2022 | DIT Public Relations

On 23 November, pupils from the Realschule Pfarrkirchen (RS-PAN) visited the European Campus Rottal-Inn (ECRI) for a soldering practical. The knowledge and skills acquired there will be used in the RS-PAN's event workshop in the future.

As part of a cooperation between the ECRI and the RS-PAN, in particular the school's events group, nine pupils visited the campus to complete a soldering practical. The participants of the AG had previously received a technical introduction by Prof. Dr. Sascha Kreiskott. They learned how to disassemble a loudspeaker and check the individual parts for function before reassembling all the components. There they had learned how to systematically check the function of supposedly defective devices that had therefore been sorted out. It turned out that one loudspeaker was simply set incorrectly and therefore made a lot of noise. The pupils had also learned from Prof. Kreiskott how to check cables, which are used in the AG.

In the subsequent soldering practical at ECRI, the members of the event AG were introduced to the finer points of soldering. The aim is that in future the pupils will be able to repair the cables and technology used in the AG themselves by soldering. This way, they can continue to use them and do not have to buy new ones. The pupils' soldering skills directly benefit the environment. Before getting to work on the cables, the participants were allowed to try their hand at soldering a "Wonkey Wire", the game known in Germany as hot wire.

The soldering practical, led by Prof. Dr. Sascha Kreiskott and teacher Stefanie Kolb, took place in the EEE-Lab, the laboratory for electrical and power engineering, at ECRI. They were supported by laboratory engineer Carola Ebner and Stefan Hofbauer. The soldering kits used were provided by the TfK - Technik für Kinder e.V. association.

Bild (ECRI / DIT): The members of the event group at the soldering practical with Prof. Kreiskott (centre) and teacher Stefanie Kolb (right).