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Visit from the US

US Consul General at DIT

22.7.2022 | DIT Public Relations

On 20 July, US Consul General Timothy E. Liston, in the presence of former Member of the German Parliament Bartholomäus Kalb, made a brief detour to the Deggendorf University of Applied Sciences as part of a visit to the Deggendorf district. Prof. Dr. Peter Sperber, President of the Deggendorf Institute of Technology (DIT), reported to his guests on the current connections of DIT to the United States.

The Consul General was particularly impressed by the university's Silicon Valley Program and the intensive cooperation between DIT and the Santa Clara University in California. "A showcase project in terms of spin-offs and especially in the effort to transform innovations into marketable products and companies," as Prof. Sperber emphasised. The Consul General was naturally pleased to hear that the American start-up spirit and contact with successful US companies could also give start-ups in Lower Bavaria a tailwind.

According to Sperber, there is still room for improvement in the number of students coming to Deggendorf from the USA. But the university is very active in this area and tries, among other things, "to attract young people to us with study programmes that are very close to the social challenges of our time", says Sperber. Thematically, this ranges from health to digitalisation. In the opposite direction, DIT's International Office will be able to arrange semesters abroad in the United States for about ten students this academic year. Unfortunately, the Covid effects are still being felt to some extent, especially in overseas exchanges. This has (still) resulted in a lower number of students studying abroad than in previous years.

Bild (DIT): Short visit to the Deggendorf Institute of Technology: US Consul General Timothy E. Liston (centre), former Member of the German Parliament Bartholomäus Kalb (left) and DIT President Prof. Dr. Peter Sperber.