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discrimination, sexual harassment & violence.

information & contact points


...means the discrimination of a person or group of persons on the basis of personal characteristics and social attributions. Section 1 of the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) lists race, ethnic origin, gender, religion, ideology, disability, age and sexual identity as grounds for discrimination. This list can also be extended at will, depending on the context, for example to include the presence of a chronic illness or political views. In §3 AGG, a distinction is made between direct and indirect discrimination or disadvantage. Direct discrimination is when a person experiences or has experienced direct disadvantage compared to another person in a comparable situation due to one or more of the above-mentioned reasons. In the case of indirect discrimination, it initially appears that neutral criteria are equally valid for all people, regardless of the above-mentioned characteristics, but certain people or groups of people benefit more or less from their outcome than others. The decisive factor for any form of discrimination is not the motive or the (possible) intent, but the result.


Sexual harassment

..is another form of discrimination according to §4 AGG. This is unwanted, sexually determined behavior with the purpose or the effect that the dignity of the person affected by this is violated or shall be violated.

Violence is considered to be the threat or actual use of psychological or physical force or power, after which injuries, psychological or physical damage or undesirable outcomes are to be expected with a high degree of probability.


DIT has set up a contact point in accordance with §25 BayHIG, which you can turn to at any time if you yourself are or have been affected by discrimination, sexual harassment or violence, if you have observed such incidents, or if you would like to receive advice on these issues

You also have the option of reporting an incident. You can either fill out the necessary complaint form here and send it by e-mail or bring it printed out to a personal meeting. The contact persons will be happy to assist you in filling out the form. Please note that a complaint cannot be made anonymously.

The counseling center is supervised by the contact persons Ms. Julia Penzkofer in Deggendorf and Cham as well as by Ms. Claudia Nikitsin at ECRI in Pfarrkirchen.
Both an appointment for a conversation (in person or online) and a consultation can also be made by email to diskriminierung@th-deg.de

In Bavaria, a contact point has been established at the Center Bavaria Family and Social Affairs (ZBFS) for victims of abuse and sexualized violence since 1 August 2023.

Your contact options are:

  • Hotline: 089/88988922 (Monday to Thursday from 9 am  - 4 pm, Friday from 9 am - noon, Wednesday from 6 - 8 pm).
  • Contact form on the website www.zbfs.bayern.de