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Emergency contacts

Quick help in times of crises and emergencies

In case you're experiencing a life-threatening or medical emergency while you're in Germany or the EU, always call 112 (Fire department, ambulance/ER and police).

For any incidents with poison, please call: 089-19240

Medical help regarding diseases/illnesses when it's not life-threatening: 116 117

This page provides emergency contacts in terms of specific situations and crises in Germany, Bavaria and around Deggendorf. If you're calling any of these services, please make sure you use the country code +49 for Germany.


  • Frauennotruf Deggendorf e.V. (Women's emergency hotline Deggendorf)

Counselling centre for women and men

Phone: +49 991 382460 (Monday - Friday | 8.00 am - 9.00 pm)
E-Mail: info@frauennotruf-deggendorf.de

Office hours: Every Thursday from 3 - 5.30 pm at DIT, room B204 (with appointment)

You can also find the Frauennotruf Deggendorf on Facebook and Instagram and get in touch there.


  • Bayerischer Krisendienst (Bavarian Crises Service)

In psychological crises where you need immediate help, you can contact the Bayerischer Krisendienst 24/7 on 0800 6553000.


  • Weißer Ring e.V.

Help for victims of crime and violence. Anonymous and free of charge.

Phone: 116 006


  • TelefonSeelsorge (Phone Counselling)

Anonymous contact point for all kinds of problems. The phone counselling service is available day and night.

Phone: +49 800-111 0 111 | +49 800-111 0 222


  • Hilfe-Telefon Sexueller Missbrauch (f/m/d) (Sexual abuse help line)

Phone: +49 800 2255530


  • Gewalt gegen Frauen (Violence against women)

The help hotline "Gewalt gegen Frauen" (violence against women) is a nationwide anonymous counselling service for women who have experienced or are still experiencing violence. 

Phone: +49 8000 116 016