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Peter Landstorfer, M. Sc.


Lecturer for:

  • Datenverarbeitung

Beitrag in Sammelwerk/Tagungsband

  • Peter Landstorfer
  • Jochen Hiller
  • Matthias Herbst

Investigation of positioning accuracy of industrial robots for robotic-based X-ray computed tomography

  • (2019)
In this research work we investigated the accuracy of a standard industrial robot. We wanted to find out, how accurate an X-RayComputed Tomography (CT) scan can be performed when using such a robot as a manipulator. The accuracy was measuredusing a laser-interferometer. The measured deviations were used to run an X-Ray simulation via Fraunhofer EZRT’s ScorpiusX-Lab. Metrological analysis was performed as a measure for the quality of the simulated CT-scan. The metrological deviationsreflect the feasible accuracy of a CT-scan in a real CT-setup.
  • Fraunhofer AWZ CTMT
  • Maschinenbau und Mechatronik